“This time you’re not getting away…”

Forgotten Rebellion Chapter 18

Princess Tahlea is injured and trying to escape the outlaws roaming the woods searching for her.


The man raised his weapon, smiling coldly as he approached her. “Found you. This time you’re not getting away.”

She didn’t allow any trace of fear to show as she faced the man. Her voice sounded even and sure. “If you come any closer, I’ll shoot you.”

The man stared at her and glanced down at the bow in her hands. His eyes flew to the bandage on her arm. He smirked. “I doubt it. If you could pull that bow, you’d already have done it.” Making his decision, he charged toward her. She lifted the bow and began to draw. A cry of pain escaped her lips. She released the bow string, only half-drawn, and the arrow flew harmlessly into the dirt between them.

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