A quick scene from my new book…

I’m guessing you’re as excited as I am, so here is a quick scene from the sequel to Forgotten Rebellion! Let me know what you think!


“Where have you hidden the tablet?”

Kyjia’s eyes darted between the two men and her fingers tightened into fists. She didn’t answer.

“Our people need you,” Zhandar pleaded. “They need your leadership and guidance. That tablet is a symbol of our connection with deity. We need it, and we need you with us. Please, Kyjia. You must see that it’s the right thing to do!” He took another step toward her.

She remained against the wall, refusing to come any nearer. “My family is sworn to protect the tablet. I cannot give its power into your hands. I won’t.”

“You will,” Jaro hissed. “You must. Don’t try to fight against us. I promise you’ll regret it.”

She darted toward the opening, moving suddenly to bolt between the men guarding the exit. But there were too many of them and they closed in. She jerked to a stop as one seized her cloak. Hands tightened around her arms, holding her immobile. She drove her elbow into the man’s gut and her boot down onto his foot, twisting out of his grip. She ran, but three more of them blocked the door.

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