What’s in a book cover?

If you ask anyone who’s talked to me in the last several months, they’ll tell you I love to talk about book covers! Probably waaaay too much. I can’t completely explain why I am so fascinated. I just love exploring the creation process, and figuring out how people feel when they look at an image. What subconscious messages are we receiving from a cover without even knowing it?

A book cover is one of its most important assets. It tells everyone what kind of book it is, and invites them to explore the story. I LOVE a really great book cover. Truly, I love a really, really bad one too, but for different reasons. I have a secret file of extremely bad ones, (but it wouldn’t be nice to post those). Here is a snapshot of the progression of the cover for Forgotten Rebellion.

I wanted to create a compelling image that would give browsers an idea that they’d be reading an adventure, and that Tahlea is very brave. If you haven’t seen the book trailer yet, check it out! And if you haven’t read the book. Now is a good time!

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