Re-release of War’s Ending

As an author, everyone always tells you that you must complete your work, send it out into the world, and move on. There are very good reasons for this! If you never do this one step, you can never go on and write more books. This advice is not wrong!

However, I broke the rule for a couple of reasons. My first book, War’s Ending came out in 2019. My first book! But the writing in it needed just a little touch up! I have always loved the story. I love the culture of horsemen who refuse to show their faces to outsiders, I love the tenacious heroine. Together the two of them attempt to stop a war.

I have had a sequel living in my files for at least four years, and I wanted the writing quality in the first book to match up to the new one. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Plus there were a couple of writing mistakes in the first book that were… (how can I say this nicely)? Embarrassing. So here is the brand new, Second Edition of War’s Ending! Learn more here…

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