Interconnected Stories…

I am just about to send Seven Rivers Book Two back to the editor. She made great suggestions to strengthen the story as well as position myself well for a third book. Cause hey, why shouldn’t we right another one? This could be a trilogy or even a series of seven. Doesn’t that make sense for the Seven Rivers? My goal is to write a collection of separate but interconnected stories, that way it can be a series, but still give readers satisfaction as they read each one. I don’t know about you, but unsatisfying endings make me angry!!!

I’m going to be wrapping up the launch sale on The Ring Keeper very soon, so if you need something to read this week, get it now. Here is a snippet from the beginning.

From The Ring Keeper -Chapter One

The Shekkar cut across the distance, heading straight for them them, gaining fast. Ana could hear the demons clearly now, and their horrible voices sounded triumphant. They were about to claim their prize. She stopped on the brink of the cliff, frozen, the yawning space open below her. Zarek had placed himself between Ana and the Shekkar, his sword in one hand and his dagger in the other. But there were too many enemies to fight, and they charged toward him, black claws outstretched. The foremost of the creatures struck at him. He blocked the blow with his sword, but poisonous claws seized the weapon, twisting it out of his grip. A flash of moonlight lit the sword blade as it spun away, landing behind the demon. Zarek sheathed his knife and darted straight toward Ana. As his shoulder slammed into her, his arm seized her waist, and his momentum propelled them out into the black abyss. Ana screamed as they fell.

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