1 million stars. Infinity Stars. All the stars. “Forgotten Rebellion” is one of my favorite books of the year! -Back Shelf Books

    Left to rule alone, Princess Tahlea discovers a devious plot against her throne. Desperate to restore peace to her kingdom, she uses magic to steal the memories from her enemy Andevaar.

   Hunted by outlaws, Tahlea is injured and alone. When a stranger saves her life in the forest, she realizes he is Andevaar. Without his memory, he is free from the pain of his past, and he doesn’t remember they are enemies, locked in a deadly struggle for the throne.

RUN. The demons are coming.

From Advance-Reader Review of The Ring Keeper

“I loved it! This book will keep you up late as you navigate betrayal, compassion, empathy, endurance, sacrifice and love. I just finished it at 2am!”

From Advance Reader Review of The Ring Keeper

“Wow what a story that was! Very well told.”

The Ring Keeper releases on 12/6/22. Order Now!

When her own people try to kill her, she’s left with only the enemy for help.

From Reader’s Favorite, 5-star review…
War’s Ending by A.J. Park is a well-written novel that will delight fans of fantasy, with a powerful plot, an exciting setting, and memorable characters.

War’s Ending
A.J. Park weaves an intricate tale of war and peace, love and betrayal, endings and beginnings.”
Amazon 5-star review

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