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This book has been many years in the making. My idea in the beginning was to tell the story of a culture who hid their faces from outsiders. This would lead to misconceptions about who they are, and their motives. The story is about their search for understanding.

From Reader’s Favorite, 5-star review…
War’s Ending by A.J. Park is a well-written novel that will delight fans of fantasy, with a powerful plot, an exciting setting, and memorable characters.
“The first thing that caught my attention … is the beauty of the language. I was particularly pulled in by the exciting description of the scene as the ship is approaching the shoreline. The characters are vividly portrayed and the author ensures the character arc is impeccable. The conflict is introduced quickly and while the pacing is leisurely in the beginning, the characters get a feel of the day-to-day life of the protagonist as she navigates a new terrain.”

War’s Ending
A courageous noblewoman.
A mysterious stranger.
A war that may destroy them both…

While on a journey to visit the far reaches of her uncle’s kingdom, Shalyrie is badly injured in a savage raid. She is abducted by the masked raiders but realizes they’ve actually saved her from an attempt on her life by her own people.
Innocent blood will be shed if Shalyrie cannot piece together the clues behind the assassination attempt. Can she ever understand the masked people who saved her? Can they help her understand why her people want her dead? Is Shalyrie the key to ending a war that’s devastating both sides?

A.J. Park weaves an intricate tale of war and peace, love and betrayal, endings and beginnings.”
Amazon 5-star review

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