Confessing my dark winter secret…

Running down the hill in the snow.

This activity is not for everyone! Maybe my taste in fun is a little unusual, but I’m about to confess something that I really enjoy. I rarely get seen as I do it, because I do it before dawn. Here in Northern Utah, where we can get some exciting winter storms, I wait for a really good one. You need 4-10 inches of new snow, and you have to get out before the plows have been through. I find a street with a nice hill, not too steep, not too flat. I trudge through the deep snow to the top, and then RUN down. It feels amazing. The deep, fresh snow catches you as you land with each step. That quantity of snow prevents your feet from slipping. 1-3 inches of snow will not catch your feet as you go, and 11-36 inches of snow will trip you, and you’ll fall on your face. (Entertaining for your friends, bad for forward progress.)

WARNING: Not intended to be used as life advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning any wild exercise program. Ice can hide beneath the snow, and injury can occur.

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