Choose D, All of the above

I have been writing like crazy on the sequel to Forgotten Rebellion, and I’m really liking the story! Here are a few rough draft descriptions. Which one most makes you want to read it? Feel free to answer, D – All of the above! More info soon!

A. A prince takes on a dangerous quest to find a lost king and his family in the barren desert. Their enemies are close behind them, and they will do anything to force them to give up the sacred tablet.

B. A sleeping god. A kingdom in danger. A quest to find a young woman protecting a secret heirloom. Attempting to force her to reveal its location, her enemies cast a deadly curse. Will she give up the hopes of restoring her nation in exchange for the cure, or face death?   

C. Accused of murdering the man he tried to help, a young man on a quest to find the lost royal family tries to discover the identity of the killers before they strike again.

D. All of the above

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