Do you suffer from Story Rage?

Have you ever had STORY RAGE? You’re reading along, happy in the world the author has created, until you get to a point in the story and something bothers you. And you’re UNHAPPY. Years ago, I read a fantasy where the author killed off every single character except for the leading man (banished) and the leading lady (captured by the enemy). Every one else was slaughtered. And I do mean, everyone else. I was super mad at the end of that book! I felt like she was just wiping the slate clean and that she didn’t address the real cost of the events. And also, what is the real point of the story if only two people survived it? So, I’m asking you. What makes you MAD in a story? Unsatisfying endings? Stories that run on without ever giving you a satisfactory conclusion? What causes you to not like a story? I want to know for two reasons. First, I’m wildly curious about what gets to other people. Second, I’d like to know what NOT to do in my writing.

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