Celebrating Black Friday!

I hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends. We spent the day with family, and many of them are much better cooks than I am. Some family member once claimed that they hated yams, no matter how they were prepared, so my brother wrapped spears of yam in prosciutto and cooked them till crispy. Not to reveal any trade secrets, but they are amazing! And please throw out the boxed stuffing. We had stuffing made from scratch with sausage, herbs and mushrooms. Oh, sorry, I started to drool a little just then. I think all food should have mushrooms in it. They are a food group.

Anyway, I’ve been working for weeks to gather all the awesome Black Friday promotions I could get my hands on. So, just for you, hundreds of on-sale books! I am so excited to have all of my books on sale for 99¢. Now is the time to read them!

The choice lay before him. Either he could become a new man and help her, or he could destroy her to win a kingdom.

She was gone. Allia was a prisoner, and completely beyond his reach. All the pain she suffered was his fault. From the beginning, he’d wanted nothing more than to protect her. Instead, he’d destroyed her life. He needed to find a way to help her.

She couldn’t see anything except his dark eyes. What kind of man refused to show his face? Either way it didn’t matter. Until she found out who was trying to kill her, he was her only chance of survival.

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