Holidays = fruitcake and reading

I know that most people cringe at the mention of fruitcake. I’ve never tried to bake it myself, but I actually remember my grandma making it during the holidays. I recall it being quite good. But you know, sometimes the magic doesn’t happen if you try to recreate it.

When I was a little kid, my mom had a collection of beads. They were bright and sparkly, and the minute the Christmas season rolled around, I would take a needle and thread and start stringing beads. What pattern could you make? Who had the longest string? It was very uncool if you acted like a baby and tossed them on in random order. When they were finished, we took the strings and hung them on our Christmas tree. I’m hoping to have a little down time during the next few days to write. I’m deep in the middle of a spectacular sequel to Forgotten Rebellion. Only one person (besides me) has read it so far, but she loved it. I hope to have more to share soon. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Santa wrapping books for Christmas.

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