One disgruntled owl…

I’ve never seen a bird with such a grumpy expression! This owl is definitely throwing out some serious skudgies. I feel like he is just… irritated. I guess I should confess, I have (hopefully rare) moments when I feel like this. You look out at the world and ask, “seriously?” When this picture came up as my desktop wallpaper today, it made me laugh.

As I always say, “Sometimes things go really well. But then, there are those OTHER times…” During this season of rushing, overscheduling and communing with loved ones who we hopefully get along with, I wish you the best! Just never let anyone start talking about politics during family events. Instead, enjoy the white elephants, ugly sweaters and wassail. p.s. If you’d like to offer your opinion on proper spelling of “skudgies”, I’m open. Somehow, it’s often heard verbally, but I’ve never seen it in print before.

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